Art & Commerce


Education is the prime department of our future success & approaching this with seriousness is paramount to become successful. This coaching class intended for hardworking serious students with desire to success high mark in the examination. Commerce is the exchange of goods and services between businesses.

Commerce is the trade of goods, services, or other things of value between companies or organizations. In a broad sense, governments try to manage trade to make their people happier and healthier by creating jobs and making useful goods and services. There are four types of commerce: 

Business to Consumer, Business to Business, Consumer to Business, and Consumer to Consumer. There are many careers in commerce as opportunities in accounts and finance like bachelor of commerce, business management in finance, accountant, banking sector, Economist (bachelor of economics or mathematics & statistics), stockbroking, company secretary, Actuarial science, certified financial planner, cost.

The commerce stream is best for students who want to start a business or launch a startup. However, even the students who wish to be involved in accounting, business management, economics, or other administrative jobs can also take the commerce stream. Commerce just requires you to be clear with the basics and you are good to go.

Our Institute attention to students, Model Test papers, Practice papers of each chapter, Revision Classes, Extra time for Non- Commerce students & Non Math’s etc. Conceptual Explanation will be duly supported by problems.